*Sponsored Post* Hobby Lobby Items That Women Can Go Fuck Themselves With!


*Sponsored Post* I’m so excited to be working with Hobby Lobby, my favorite store for buying crafts on the cheap and for getting them bagged by workers without basic healthcare! Hobby Lobby just gets that real America is on a budget, and that includes corporations, too, okay? Love me some bargains!

When Hobby Lobby approached me about writing some sponcon (that’s how we in the biz refer to sponsored content), I had just the thing. Here are some fun, affordable Hobby Lobby items that women can use to go fuck themselves!

candleHobby Lobby’s Blue Spiral Celebration Candle is small enough for the tiniest cupcake, yet elegant enough for the biggest occasion. It’s just the thing for birthdays, and for women to go fuck themselves!


What a fun pop of color! Hobby Lobby’s Distressed Blue Fluted & Twisted Urn makes a lovely addition to your home or office. It’s also ribbed for her pleasure when she goes and fucks herself with it.


Is there anything more charming than a birdhouse? Hobby Lobby’s Blue Wooden Birdhouse With Flowers adds a splash of happy to any patio or kitchen, and to any America woman who goes and fucks herself with it.


Handcrafted and accented with orange wooden beads, Hobby Lobby’s Fish Wind Chime brings a soothing twinkle to your favorite outdoor space. There’s plenty of fish in this sea, and women can go fuck themselves with every last one!

glasssquirrelOh my, who’s this little fellow? Hobby Lobby’s Amber Glass Squirrel makes a wonderful gift for friends and family to enjoy for years to come. Nestle this woodland friend amongst other collectibles on a shelf, or hand it to a woman to go fuck herself with it.


Hobby Lobby’s Red, White & Blue I Pray For America Block is on sale for $3.99, and worth every penny! Who says you have to separate church and state? Also, who wants to go fuck herself with this? I’m serious. Line up, ladies!


So head on over to Hobby Lobby to purchase these fine, frugal, fuckable items! Lord knows that Hobby Lobby isn’t going to go fuck itself.


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