Here, Listen to Some Good Music. {Playlist}

I recently took over as the Music Editor of BUST Magazine, which is proving to be an amazing gig! Today I posted an interview I got to do with Orenda Fink about her new album; we talked about Jungian dream therapy, sexism she faced in Azure Ray, and what losing her dog taught her. It was one of my favorite interviews that I’ve ever done and actually made me cry, which was extremely professional.

The only downside to this job is that I hear way too much good music for us to ever be able to cover.

I know. That is not an actual problem.

The point is, I’ll be sharing some tunes. In no particular order, here are some things I’ve been listening to this week:

1. The History of Apple Pie, “Tame”
Just between us? I’ve been listening to them all week. They have this great ’90s/Breeders vibe that just makes you want to put on a sweater.


2. Sleepy Kitty, “Don’t You Start”
Very into these guys. I first heard about them through another writer’s post for All Things Go, and I’m excited to see them picking up some heat. This song is just killer female-fronted rock. I believe they made all the art and animation in this video themselves, too. Love the treatment of the vocals here.


3. Greylag, “Another”
Folk trio from Portland, all white dudes. It’s hard to stand out under those circumstances, but I believe that they do. I really like the space they’ve left in this recording– you can still tell it’s a trio. I don’t know, I like being able to hear the room, you know? I’ve heard some of what they have coming up, and it all has this wonderfully minimalist production. Worth keeping an eye on.


4. BRONCHO, “What”
Surfer-y garage rock with a lot of reverb. I think this record is going to be one of those that you can put on whenever you have people over for, like, the next year, and it’ll still be cool without burning out. Very chill, as we say in the biz.


5. Ex Cops, “Black Soap”
Oh, this song is so dope. It’s very fitting that it debuted on Vogue, because it’s just cooler than cool. I was FURIOUS when I missed Ex Cops when they opened for Bleached in New York last year. (Who’d expect them to go on first out of two openers?) This is definitely one of my Songs of the Summer™.


6. LIZZO, “Bus Passes And Happy Meals”
“QUEEN,” as the kids are saying to celebs on Instagram these days. Oh, we love LIZZO, don’t we? This video is gorgeous and worthy of her creativity and wit.


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