10 Non-Braggy Self-Promotional Tweets for Female Writers


One of the most important parts of being a writer these days is promoting your work on social media. However, if you’re a woman, there’s a fine line between being proud of your work and coming off like some braggy, uppity bitch who really thinks she’s all that. Here are some simple ways to apologize for promote your writing!

  1. “So this happened: I guess I wrote a thinger???”
  2. “You can read my dumb words written by my dumb hands and thought up by my dumb brain here, but don’t. Stupid, stupid, stupid!”
  3. “Idk I guess I put some letters together and made words that added up to complete sentences, and eventually, paragraphs?? Weird.”
  4. “Whoopsies, looks like I accidentally wrote an entire peer-reviewed article! :(”
  5. “So embarrassing that I was interviewed for this profile on living geniuses in [national magazine]. Mortified.”
  6. “Ew, just found out that something I wrote won an award. Gross. Sorry.”
  7. “Sorry. Sorry, sorry. Sorry! Sorry.”
  8. “I was featured in [publication’s] 30 Under 30, much to my chagrin. Hate people knowing my age!”
  9. “Honestly, I hate self-promotion, and I’m so sorry for this link I’m about to share. May God have mercy on my soul.”
  10. “Baby make boom-boom! [links to Nobel Prize for Literature announcement]”

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