My Wife Is In This Room: A Post-Bachelor Podcast!

Hey babes! My husband and I started a new podcast called My Wife Is In This Room: A Post-Bachelor Podcast, and it’s all about America’s favorite guilty pleasure, The Bachelor!

We take a weekly deep dive into all things The Bachelor, recapping the latest episodes and the latest gossip, and peering into the souls of 25 year-old dental hygienists so you don’t have to.

Subscribe on iTunes! Or stream the podcast through our SoundCloud feed!

Looking forward to talking Bach with you! XO


I wrote a bunch of fake brochures for teens!


I am so excited to finally share with you a project I’ve been working on for several months now! The Cool Teen’s Guides are the only fake educational brochures for teens that discuss the real topics teens want to know about, like fingering and slamming your bedroom door! They’re brought to you by InfoTEENment Publications, a fake company which fancies themselves real public servants.

Here’s an excerpt from their brochure about prom:


You can read all of The Cool Teen’s Guides here. Enjoy!

What happens when two friends watch the entire first season of Bones in 24 hours?

My friends and I made a movie!

NO BONES ABOUT IT is a comedy about what happens to two friends when the pressures of a high-stakes Bones-watching marathon threaten to tear them apart. Actually filmed while the cast watched the entire first season of Bones in twenty-four hours, NO BONES ABOUT IT is a hilarious journey deep into the quirks of male friendship, social media, binge-watching, and the love between a detective and a forensic anthropologist.

Directed by Jason Duffett
Director of Photography: Will Castellucci
Edited by Brittany Kaplan
Written by Liz Galvao (that’s me!)
Music by Matteo Liberatore, Hyunsung Nam, & Chris Connors
Starring Paul Danaher, Don Johnson, Ross MacKenzie, CC Steinhardt, Conor Boylan, & more!

Would You Like to Get a Weird Personal Email From Me On a Regular Basis?


I am calling it right now. TinyLetters are the new podcasts. Pretty soon every writer is going to have one, just like every comedian has two podcasts.

So obviously I started one.

Listen, I’m not going to pretend that I’m above trendy mediums. Also, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. You’re well aware of my love of long crazy emails. Mine are not going to be too long or too crazy, though, because I don’t want reading them to become a chore.

The first one reveals my #1 hate-follow and talks some shit about commencement speeches. The format is highly personal, sort of like a journal entry. I spew my opinions on this blog, but I rarely write a post that straight-up goes, “here’s a weird thing that happened to me last week” or “here’s a story from my life in more than two sentences” or “this is what I’ve been eating lately.” Email is a smaller, more intimate medium, and I’m hoping mine will feel like correspondence from a weird friend.



P.S. Oh, and I won’t send them more than once a week. Promise. That would be a chore for ME.

Welcome to I’m Down For Whatever 2.0


Hello! You made it. Congratulations, how wonderful.

I’m going to be posting my writing on here from now on since Tumblr is basically terrible for that. If you already have in your bookmarks or reader, it should update automatically. Otherwise, please add the URL. I will still be posting about stuff I’m doing on my Tumblr, just not original pieces.

I wrote a long post about all the things I hated about Tumblr, most of which involve its limited options for customization and feedback. However, let’s not dwell on the negative. One of the things I’m most excited about in this move to WordPress is the ability for readers to post comments now. I’m looking forward to engaging more with you, the people who read what I write. (Please don’t prove me wrong…)

As always, thanks for reading, wherever I am.