Glitter pits, yay or nay? I was interviewed about feminist beauty trends for VH1!


The wonderful Alexa Tietjen asked me about feminist beauty trends for VH1, and I tried to be funny but probably should have said something more intelligent. Oh well!!! Enjoy!!

How Feminist Are Glitter Pits + Other “Feminist” Beauty Trends Really? (VH1)

10 Ways I Will Be Murdered (The Establishment)


6. Using the bathroom at a quiet rest stop. ​Honestly, what was I thinking? Why don’t I just drag myself into the woods? I’ll end up chained up in a remote cabin, where an inbred family of cannibals will take turns making fun of my blog’s Google Analytics.

10 Ways I Will Be Murdered (The Establishment)

Check out my latest fun and fancy free piece for The Establishment!! Thank you Katie Tandy for these amazing illustrations.

It’s TinyLetter switcheroo week!


Leila Cohan-Miccio and I are Freaky Friday-ing our TinyLetters this week! Click here to check out my take on her newsletter Uptalk, a weekly round-up of awesome shit created and written by women.

Later this week, Leila will be stepping in for me on my Weird Personal Emails! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. Subscribe here so you don’t miss it!