What happens when two friends watch the entire first season of Bones in 24 hours?

My friends and I made a movie!

NO BONES ABOUT IT is a comedy about what happens to two friends when the pressures of a high-stakes Bones-watching marathon threaten to tear them apart. Actually filmed while the cast watched the entire first season of Bones in twenty-four hours, NO BONES ABOUT IT is a hilarious journey deep into the quirks of male friendship, social media, binge-watching, and the love between a detective and a forensic anthropologist.

Directed by Jason Duffett
Director of Photography: Will Castellucci
Edited by Brittany Kaplan
Written by Liz Galvao (that’s me!)
Music by Matteo Liberatore, Hyunsung Nam, & Chris Connors
Starring Paul Danaher, Don Johnson, Ross MacKenzie, CC Steinhardt, Conor Boylan, & more!