You’re Invited to: My Candidate Reveal Party!


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What’s up, Facebook friend! I know it’s been a long time since we’ve spoken in person, or even “Liked” each other’s new profile pics, but I want you to know that I cherish our memories together. (Although, I can’t quite place you, to be honest. Were you the girl who started dating the football coach like a month after we graduated?)

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been disarmingly quiet about politics on social media this election cycle. Or rather, I’ve been non-committally liberal — I’ve “Liked” both a video of Bernie hugging a bird and a picture of Hillary Clinton texting a pair of sunglasses. “Wow, how mysterious!” you probably thought. “Who supports both Democratic candidates? Her heart and her head must be in constant battle, like a Selena Gomez song! When will she pick a side?”

The truth is, I do know who I’m voting for, but I’ve been waiting to announce it because I wanted to do it in the most awesome, most SEO-friendly way possible! Today, I’ll be hosting a Candidate Reveal Party to let all my social media channels know who’s got my vote, and you’re invited! Am I #Burning4Her, or am I #WithHim? I hope you can come, or at least bump up the numbers on my Periscope feed!

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Abortion Protester’s Signs Reveal a Lifelong Love Affair with Crafting (Reductress)


“I’ve always loved arts and crafts, making birthday cards, that sort of thing,” Ms. Sojourn said, speaking to us in her home, a veritable treasure trove of her creations. “So when I was offered the opportunity to shame women who make different choices from me by making posters, I was so in.”

Abortion Protester’s Signs Reveal a Lifelong Love Affair with Crafting (Reductress)

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*Sponsored Post* Hobby Lobby Items That Women Can Go Fuck Themselves With!


*Sponsored Post* I’m so excited to be working with Hobby Lobby, my favorite store for buying crafts on the cheap and for getting them bagged by workers without basic healthcare! Hobby Lobby just gets that real America is on a budget, and that includes corporations, too, okay? Love me some bargains!

When Hobby Lobby approached me about writing some sponcon (that’s how we in the biz refer to sponsored content), I had just the thing. Here are some fun, affordable Hobby Lobby items that women can use to go fuck themselves!

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