The Cool Teen’s Guide to: New Year’s Eve

new year hat

Hey, teens! Want to know “whazzup” with New Year’s Eve? It’s your lucky day: infoTEENment Publications is making The Cool Teen’s Guide to: New Year’s Eve available to you for FREE! You can read the entire guide below, or print it here (just be sure to select “double-sided” on your printer). And be sure to check out other exciting Cool Teen’s Guide titles HERE!







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Weird Personal Email #34: Bumbling towards the Willennium

Every week or so, I send out a Weird Personal Email to subscribers with updates about what I’m working on, pop culture commentary, feminist rants, jokes, confessions, rambling stories about strange social interactions, and sometimes, playlists. Here is one of those emails. You can subscribe here, if you’d like.


Hey there, ya loony llamas!

I hope you guys are good! It’s still cold as fuck here, and I feel like Bumble. It’s time for another Weird Personal Email!!!

I’ve been working my way through back episodes of The Read, and I don’t know that there’s a funnier podcast out there right now. Even the way they say “what?” can make me laugh. Plus, podcasting is super white and straight, and the hosts of The Read are neither, and they’re the only reason why I’m able to understand the intricacies of the Amber Rose/Tyga feud, which is super important.


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