The Mast Brothers: An Introduction

Hey, guys! I made a documentary about the Mast Brothers. Meet the Brooklyn chocolatiers everyone is talking about! Where did they come from, and how do they feel about their New York Times scandal?

All footage credited to The Scout. All music is public domain from

Disclaimer: I got nothing but love for the bros, and have both sold and purchased their chocolate in Brooklyn. 🙂

What happens when two friends watch the entire first season of Bones in 24 hours?

My friends and I made a movie!

NO BONES ABOUT IT is a comedy about what happens to two friends when the pressures of a high-stakes Bones-watching marathon threaten to tear them apart. Actually filmed while the cast watched the entire first season of Bones in twenty-four hours, NO BONES ABOUT IT is a hilarious journey deep into the quirks of male friendship, social media, binge-watching, and the love between a detective and a forensic anthropologist.

Directed by Jason Duffett
Director of Photography: Will Castellucci
Edited by Brittany Kaplan
Written by Liz Galvao (that’s me!)
Music by Matteo Liberatore, Hyunsung Nam, & Chris Connors
Starring Paul Danaher, Don Johnson, Ross MacKenzie, CC Steinhardt, Conor Boylan, & more!