I was interviewed about my email newsletter for The Write Life!


Meryl Williams interviewed me and a bunch of other great writers like Ann Friedman, the Two Bossy Dames, and Suzanne Wilder for The Write Life! I love writing Weird Personal Emails, and I love reading email newsletters even more. Check out the article below!

Personal Branding: Why You Should Start an Email Newsletter (The Write Life)

I’ve Discovered the Cure For Writer’s Block

No, it’s not making 8 1/2.

It’s not writing.

It’s doing anything but writing.

Let me back up. Since I’ve transitioned into full-time freelancing, I’ve had more freedom than ever to focus on my own projects, but with that freedom comes responsibility (and how this is turning into an Eleanor Roosevelt quote-off, I have no idea). Now I feel a weight when choosing what to focus on, knowing that I’m solely responsible for generating my income. Every minute I spend working on something for free is a minute taken away from looking for paid work.

Ironically, I made this move specifically so that I’d have more time to focus on my own projects. I was feeling completely overwhelmed trying to balance a full-time job with blogging, podcasting, writing music reviews, writing scripts, making videos, etc., etc. But once I got here and it started to feel like there were infinite possibilities and more unstructured time than I’ve had in years, it was overwhelming in a completely different way. So of course, about two weeks ago it triggered a total creative block.

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