My Wife Is In This Room: A Post-Bachelor Podcast!

Hey babes! My husband and I started a new podcast called My Wife Is In This Room: A Post-Bachelor Podcast, and it’s all about America’s favorite guilty pleasure, The Bachelor!

We take a weekly deep dive into all things The Bachelor, recapping the latest episodes and the latest gossip, and peering into the souls of 25 year-old dental hygienists so you don’t have to.

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Looking forward to talking Bach with you! XO


Listen to me talk about The Real Housewives on The Sleeper Hit podcast!


I was a guest on Meryl Williams’s great podcast The Sleeper Hit, where guests talk about what’s underrated in pop culture, over drinks! I talked about Bravo’s The Real Housewives, a/k/a my greatest passion in life. We also talked about the new Harry Potter book, pumpkin spice, and lots of other things. Download it or listen here! Or, you might as well subscribe on iTunes, since you’re going to want to anyway.

Weird Personal Emails Featured on NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour!


She is a comedy writer and a music writer, and this is a very formless thing, she just writes about what’s on her mind once a week. She just happens to be funnier and smarter and more interesting than most people in terms of what’s on her mind.”

-Margaret H. Willison on PCHH episode 250, talkin’ bout Weird Personal Emails

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